Welcome To Windsock Village & Soaring Heights

Here’s the latest!

This message is for the flyers in our group and for anyone who is briefing an incoming flying guest. The VASI (Visual Approach Slope Indicator, a device that displays approach angle information for night landings) has been turned off at the northern end of our field, the unit you would use for approach to Runway 15. There is an electrical problem in the unit that needs repair. While checking out that problem it was realized that the trees at the north end of the field have grown enough that they are intruding on the approach slope to a point where the VASI would need to be set at an impossibly steep angle to be safely used.

We need to repair the VASI and also need to either move the VASI further down the runway to provide glide slope clearance from the trees or cut down the offending trees. When one or the other of those solutions is implemented we will let you know. Until then, please know that only the VASI for approach to Runway 33 is currently operating. If landing at night on Runway 15 (with no VASI) please be sure to cross the runway end well clear of those trees and accept landing a little long – it beats trimming the trees with your flying machine!


Windsock Village / Soaring Heights are residential fly-in communities, located in the heart of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling and many other seasonal activities in the region.

Windsock Airport is a private 4000’ grass runway NH69 restricted to residents and invited guests only.  It is open all year long and is owned and managed by the Windsock Village Aviation Corporation.